Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Freshers' trips Part 1

On the first weekend of term we had two consecutive beginners' trips. In a break with tradition both days were nice and sunny and we didn't give anyone hypothermia. We are very pleased with our neew recruits so far, they seem to have a high standerd of chat and everyone seemed dead keen out on the river.

Saturday: Lower orchy and Awe

Two river days on freshers' trips are practically unheard of, but this was one. We began with the lower orchy which gave us plenty of opportunity to go through breaking in and out, ferry gliding and facial injury (amber's nose got a bit friendly with a sharp rock). After this we headed off and had a quick (interupted by many swims and Chris going hypo) blast down the awe. Swim total: 16

Sunday: Teith

The Teith is shit