Friday, 30 April 2010

BUCS Canoe Polo

Gin, cider, sunshine, polo balls and cowboys and indians.....

We left Glasgow on firday night in a classic GUCC rush with just Cat and myself trying to pack everything onto the newly renovated mini bus roof rack.

After picking up cath and booze then Ali, Ali and Brian in Lockerbie we were off.
5 hours after leaving the shed we arrived in darkest doncaster pumping the tunes on the ipod and were greeted by Robbie from Scumdee who had saved us some camping space, which was good as it was past midnight by the time we and rachel arrived and we got tents up and cracked open our first cans of cider.

We made it a sensible night and went to 'tent' before 1am 'super excited' for our first game at 7.20 am. (Which is just one reason why Sus is far better than bucs!)

Getting up in the morning was not good. Who ever suggested playing polo at stupid oclock in the morning outside in the freezing cold was a moron.

However finaly all the team of fab GUCC Ladies were on the water having our first rather sleepy pep talk from Brian who had come along as our Ref/coach/pink panther.

First game was against st andrews so in true Sus style we spanked them 6-0

Bacon rolls were our well deserved prize and we were back on the water again as the sun came out mid morning to play Cardiff. Another stunning game and we beat them 3-0.

We might have gotten a we bit cocky after that as we decided that a lunch time booze run and a quick pre match G&T was a good idea, which may have aided us in us loosing our next 2 matches to Birmingham 1-2 and then lancaster 2-3.

On a possitive note, we played pretty well and all enjoyed having a diffiult match for once.

Thinking we were done for the night we started planning showers and drinking when brian told us we had another sodding match at 12 hours of polo is really pushing it but we manned up and beat manchester 3-0. We were far too nice to them and didn't push them in cos none of them could even T-rescue properly. Shame really :P

Fiiiinnnaly we lined up for our free dinner. This was a big mistake. Total crap, not worth even writting about, but we got takeaway pizza with Dundee which fixed all grumpy hungry people :)

To celebrate the beautiful sunny day and our 3 wins we got dressed up and headed out to the amazing tent of Dj "One more Tune". Despite the crap music, crap D.j and hilarious dancing we had an awesome night. Some brilliant moves were busted, a lot of gin was drunk and our GUCC pants got a well earned outing :)

On sunday we were treated to a lie in and had our first match at 11 when the rain had just stopped and the sun come out to cheer us on. We were playing Bristol to decide 7th and 8th place and after a bit of an "I'm about to vomit in the lake" warm up we played them and beat them 2-1 in one of our best played matches of the tournement. The horrific hangovers obviously didn't damage our performace, confirming my age old theory that if your not playing polo drunk or hungover then you are doing something badly wrong!

We hung about after our match and supported dundee who had been our adopted boys for the weekend and ex member Charlies team from London who ended up wining the b team competition.

After a final Girly portirait we got on the bus for the long drive home. The rain kindly washed all the sand off the polo boats for us as we drove up north and gave us one less job to do back at the shed. We stopped for a gourmet MacDonalds in Penrith just to add to the healthyness of the entire weekend. We crossed the border with Caledonia pumping out the speakers and Brian looking happier than he had all weekend to be back in the promised lands.

After dumping all the kit in the shed and hanging it all up neatly where it belongs. (as everyone should do :P) we headed home. Waking up with a very husky voice on monday i don't think i was the only one having trouble getting out of bed for uni.

Frigging awesome weekend tho!
Thanks to Ali Dicker for coming along and joining the team, and Brian for being our Ref and to the one and only bus driver Miss Catriona Dykes for her heroic effort to get us home before midnight. :)

As many folk as possible should come along next year. Wil be banter :)